Fancy Nancy & Co was founded in 2018 after much encouragement and support from family and friends. Connecting me to my past, present, and future, this is my creative outlet. I always tell my children to create their own legacies, and one day I decided it was time for me to create my own legacy; one rooted in family, creativity, and heart.

Fancy Nancy & Co links back to my Jamaican-Indian heritage and spending summers with my grandparents who were entrepreneurs, farmers, and shopkeepers in Jamaica. I spent my youth learning the importance of living off the land and the benefits of natural ingredients. As a wife and working mother of three, it was often easy to forget the lessons I learned on the island. Fancy Nancy & Co helps my family experience a bit of my childhood and work together to invent new flavors and recipes. And have fun while doing it!

I have always enjoyed cooking and using the unexpected to make something delicious and different. I also show my love for others through the gift of food because meals have an amazing way of bringing people together. So I set out to make products that help anyone, no matter their skill level, elevate their dish or beverage with just a dash of fancy! I hope you have as much fun with our products as we did creating them. 

With Love,
Fancy Nancy